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Walking in a forest on a rainy day, hearing the seagulls on a seashore, sniffing the scent of a radiant flower, having that first morning cup of coffee without hurry, candlelight, music. Inspiration can start from anywhere with a right mindset and mood.

I´m always fascinated by travelling, new cultures, music, nature, scents, urban landscapes - they offer an endless source of inspiration time after time. 


As a print designer I´m intuitive, with a strong interest in drawing, painting or photography as a beginning of a design process. The process can also start by reading about different interesting things or phenomena, which then translates into pictures and later on into patterns.


I´m fascinated by the thought, that the pattern can end up into nearly any printable surface- home or clothing textiles, wallpaper, stationery, packacking, whatnot. This creates endless possibilities and an opportunity to design for different purposes. 

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